Is it possible to select & copy some text from a website without using screen scraping option?



I want to copy a text part from any website using the conventional mouse left click drag and then use keyboard ctrl+c to copy and ctrl+v to put the output in a notepad file. The whole should be done without using scrape method. Is it possible?


Yes that’s possible !


Something like this. Suppose I want to copy this selected part


Hai @Soumik17,

U can use GetText Activity for that



But how? I’ve used Get From Clipboard option. It’s more or less same. I want to select a particular text by dragging mouse only.


Use Trigger Activities along with get text activity, to copy more text this will helps you.,



hi @Soumik17

Use Get Attribute option and indicate on the screen and give property as “aaname”

Ashwin S


Sir I did. It’s basically doing the same. The text is getting copied itself. I want to use the mouse left click drag and then ctrl c from keyboard. Which is not happening


Sir be it get attribute or get text, all are copying the text itself. But I wanna select first and then use ctrl c.


hi @Soumik17


  1. Use Click On text and add an int 32 value to increment the value based on the selector to click the value
    2.then use get text or get attribute activity

Is the solution fine soumik?

Ashwin S



Actually I’m a begineer. I was given this task - suppose a website has blocked screen scraping. You can only get the data by using mouse left click select & drag. So while doing this I’ve realized there’s no way in UiPath… every activity is opening the recorder option first which I don’t want. But it’s ok sir… thanks for helping.


hi @Soumik17

May I know what version Uipath have you installed?

Ashwin S



UiPath 2018… Version 18.1.3