Hi Friends,

Inside the browser i have select the value and i need to copy and i have to paste in separate application.

Could you please suggest me which activity will work.


use send hotkey for copy and also use send hotkey for paste! As simple as that.


For select the value which activity i should use then?


Use Get Text activity and indicate that field to read the value from application. It will give output as String and then you can pass it to other application.


  1. Use “Get Text” or “Get attribute” Activity to get the specific text then assign it into one variable.
  2. Use “Set text” or “Type into” activity and pass that variable to paste into another application.

ok. But for me these activities are not working

what is the Error in this activities?

I am using “Get Text” and " Set Text " activities. But for me these activities are not working . While copying, pasting and selecting the text or data.