Copy & pasting activites from a workflow is unreliable

You copy one activity from the workflow, you place the mouse pointer where you are supposed to paste it, the encircled “+” gets highlighted, then randombly pressing CTRL+v will work, placing it on that place, some other it won’t do anything. Sometimes retrying will work, sometimes if you where placing the cursor on a “+” above the activity workflow, if you move to the “+” below it, CTRL+v will work; and sometimes, it will go to an unexpected part of the workflow, maybe at the absolutely end. And if you don’t realize where it go and you want to undo (CTRL+c) to assure no damage was done, the results are unpredictable, because you don’t know what you are undoing. That’s madness.

Hey @pere , always try to click below the activity where you want to paste the copied activity hope this will work for you.

I sometimes want to paste it above, sometimes below some activity. When you hover on the “+”, it’s suppose to be pasted there. But sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t want a workaround, as I already know I only have to insist; I just want to report the bug so hopefully they’ll solve it in a next version as it’s so annoying.

It has to do with your dependencies and whether the projects are both Windows legacy or Windows compatibility. You have to make sure both projects are the same or you can’t copy/paste.

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Qué va.
I’m copy&pasting activities within the same project and the same buggy behaviour happens.

Is anybody from the staff ever going to pay attention to this / is this ever being adressed at all??

Combine this with the unreliability of the undo/redo “functionality” (to call it something) and you are lost.

I just made a simple video reproducing it. In the video you can’t see how I’m pressing CTRL+V SEVERAL TIMES for pasting, so I had to do it with the mouse right-click menu, but you can see the paste didn’t work at least twice even with the menu. Until the third or fourth attempt or so, after many attempts and placing the cursor in several different places, when it finally got pasted. Prior to the video recording, doing more or less the same, I couldn’t get anything to get pasted after cutting it. And, as I said before, you can’t rely in undoing/redoing what you did because several times it either doesn’t do anything or, even worse, it screws things further up.

This is serious enough, guys.

cut-copy-paste-not-feasible.7z (2.9 MB)

Thanks for reporting this. I can see clearly in your video that there is an issue.

Will try to replicate and fix in one of the next versions.


I just discovered an other variation of this bug. I have an “If” activity; I click on it, it’s “active”, I CTRL+C it, then I try to paste it by CTRL+V. As the original “If” is selected, it should be pasted next to it, but nothing happens. Then if I select the next activity in the workflow (a “Run query” one) and press CTRL+V, this time the copied “If” activity will get pasted below it.

I have proof of concept of this in the form of a video I made; if you want me to provide it, just let me know.

Another activity I cannot paste a copied activity (currently in the clipboard): “For each configuration sheet”. No matter if is this the currently selected/active activity or the “+” inside a circle after it the one that is highlighted: I press CTRL+V, or select right menu → “Paste” and it does NOTHING; but if you do the same on the next activity in the workflow (an “Invoke workflow” activity"), it gets pasted.

Do you think this, and everything else reported here, is acceptable for a $30,000 per year/license software, and not being addressed/nobody giving a damn about these bug report threads? Of course not it I were the one paying for it.

Dear @alexandru,

This “functionality” is deeply broken, and it’s completely unreliable. It’s not difficult to reproduce it, as most of times it simply won’t work.

Is anyone really addressing this?

I’m attaching another video reproducing it. It simply involves copying a “Run query” activity and trying to paste it.

I select a “Try…Catch” block. Try to paste it. Expect to get the activity pasted after it. It does nothing.

Hover the “(+)” after the activity. Try to paste it. Nothing.

Select next activity (a commented out one). Paste. Nothing.

Select next one. A Do…While. Paste. Nothing.

I select the last activity from the workflow: a “Run query” one (as the one I’m trying to paste). Paste. It gets pasted after the selected “Run query” activity.

What’s the explanation for this??

Add the maddness with the completely broken Undo/Redo “functionality” and you have a pretty crazy way of screwing up your projects.

Attaching a video as a proof of concept.

copypastemadness.7z (7.5 MB)

Copying and pasting a “Do” into the “Body” between different activites doesn’t work:

The current context or selected or clicked activity is the “Do” area. Pressing CTRL+C, going here:

Captura de pantalla 2024-02-21 134651

and pressing CTRL+V does nothing; nothing gets copy & pasted.

Repeating the same with other contexts/activities/areas/destinations DO WORK, so it’s not a matter of my lack of expertise. And there’s a bunch of reports about this behaviour across the forum. Some areas/activities (Body, Do, Foreach, If, Try, and the like) seem to me proner to other.

It happens no matter legacy or non-legacy Windows projects.

When are you gonna address this bugs?


From the same piece of code:

I try copy the activities inside the 1st “Do”. One by one. By clicking one, then holding CTRL, clicking the next one.

If I try to copy&paste, it doesn’t work.

If I do it individually:

I can copy&paste the If activity.

The next activity to copy&paste is a For Each. And there is no way to accomplish that.

Copying and pasting a Try and Catch activity into the Body of the new manually inserted For Each activity it’s impossible, also.