Copy/paste activity not working?!?


I am not able to copy/paste activities

Steps to reproduce:

Add some activities, then try to copy/paste activities. Used to be working… but then just stopped out of the blue, even after computer restart, etc. I’ve noticed these tiles are no longer enabled as well:


Current Behavior:

After copying an activity… pasting it flashes the screen like it’s doing something, but no copy arrives. As I mentioned about… copy/paste used to be working fine maybe a day ago. Copy/paste also works when I put this same project on a different machine that has a UIPath Studio trial version on it, so I know it’s not the project file.

Expected Behavior:

Any copy/paste of activity should result in a new copy.

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version:


Last stable behavior:
Last stable version: Same (2016.2.639.27755)
OS Version: Windows 7

Wondering if there is any chance this is a licensing issue since it doesn’t occur on other computers, and those tiles are inactive?

Maybe it’s a license issue. There are no alerts when the Uipath is started? Try to reinstall and put the license on again!


That’s what it was. Re-adding license fixed it.