Merge multiple Word docx documents (text and images), keeping format and image

Hello, RPA enthusiasts and RPA gurus!
I bumped into a problem and I honestly don’t know hot to approach it.
The problem: generate a new document by inserting in “Rules” area a list of subchapters from other documents. (The rules area can vary based on the components that a customer uses: like coffee machine or paper cutters or both).
I’ve tried Word - text replace - it ignores the images.
I’ve tried Word convert to html then marge the body tags - it ruins the font / text…
And no more ideas…
Please Help!

Input 1:



Check with this custom component from UiPath market place for merging document

Search for Merge Document

Cheers @drago47


Yep! looks like what I needed! Thanks @Palaniyappan

Happy automation @drago47

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