Copy-Paste is not working once outside Citrix

Hi All!

We’re automating a process that interacts with Citrix. Plug-in cannot be installed so we’re using CV and hotkeys. Now, we’re trying to copy the text from Citrix, but the clipboard empties when we try to paste the text outside Citrix (say in a notepad on the local machine). So basically, Copy-paste works inside Citrix, but not outside. It was working before so we’re not sure what happened.

Any idea why is this happening and how can it be fixed?



Manually is the copy paste working from citrix to local? If no then it would not

One way you can get the data is copy the data from citrix and assign to variable in UiPath…then assign it to clipboard again and check

Other way would be to paste the data into a file in citrix and place the file in shared drivebetween local and citrix and access file from local and get the data