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I’m trying to copy paste some text from outlook mails within citrix into a citrix based application. I’m using ctrl A, ctrl C to copy but when pasting the text using ctrl V on some occasions getting a “Clip Empty” message while works perfectly fine majorly. Is there a way to ensure that the text is copied and pasted successfully on all occasions successfully.

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Not sure if it works for Citrix, but if it is Shared Clipboard -

System.Winodws.Forms.Clipboard - clipboard


While(not clipboard.ContainsText) //I guess could do same with 'get from clipboard'
   Copy again


Clipboard.Clear() -- for next cycle


If the copy takes some time, then you will need some Loop to check the Clip before moving on. Similar to @vvaidya’s response


Get Clip
Check if Clip is empty
Loop to Get Clip again

This way of looping will also require that you have some kind of timeout so if too much time has passed it will retry the Ctrl+C. So you can store Now to a DateTime variable at the beginning, then use a condition that checks if Now-datetimevar<00:01:00 so you can perform a retry attempt.

Hope this helps along with what vvaidya posted.