Copy from Excel file and Paste the copied data from Clipboard to input in Citrix

I am having trouble trying to copy data from excel as Ctrl+A , Ctrl+C and then in a Text box in Citrix browser trying to paste the data.

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Where are you facing the issue?
Is it working fine till Ctrl+C?

make sure it is not a windows issue

I am able to Copy locally but pasting remotely is the issue. I am able to manually copy and paste in my remote desktop so the settings are fine.

Have you tried taking it from excel to a datatable instead, then writing it to the text file on Citrix? That is, instead of using the copy and paste

Hi @mehumayu2

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your automation process contains two states.

State1: To get Data from excel.
1) Instead of using Ctrl+A , Ctrl+C why can’t you use Excel Application Scope with Read Range activity.
2) Then use output datatable activity to convert it into string.

State2: Type Data into a Textbox.
1) Try to identify a relative reliable selector and click inside the text box with Relative Click.
2) Use Type into activity with Output string as input.

Hope this will help you.

Vijay Kumar C.

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