How to get copied data from citrix environment


I am working on citrix environment where the client has not provided the copy access from client citrix to local machine(Ui Path Running).

I tried to copy the content through clipboard but i am unable to get the data from citrix.

I tried using hot keys to get the data but i am unable to get the data.

Some how i am able to save the data in a CSV file. when i am accessing the CSV from local machine using readcsv, read range ,excel application scope i am errors like file path not found etc…

Can any one help me to solve this problem on how to access the content from citrix environment.


I work with Citrix environment and I use SendHotkey and Clipboard to get the data from the Citrix.

What I do:

1 - Use SendHotkey (TAB) to go with the cursor on the field that I need to extract the information
2 - Use SendHotkey (Home, SHIFT + End) to select entire text from the field
3 - Use SendHotkey (CTRL + C) to copy the selected text
4 - Use ‘Get From Clipboard’ Activity to get the content from clipboard and assign to a variable

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The Activity “Get From Clipboard” is not working in my case. The activity is showing what ever i have copied earlier other than citrix copy.

Have you tried to copy manually then use “Get From Clipboard” activity just be sure that the text is really copied?

Yes i have tried manually and the data from citrix is not getting stored in Clipboard.

So you don’t have permission to copy data from Citrix. You must have to use OCR to get the information.

When i am trying with OCR the Output is from the OCR is not accurate.

hey just wanna know as a casual way :slight_smile:

how you have tried to copy and checking…
see their are two scenarios:

  1. convention way we will hit ctrl+c . sometime while working with citrix don know the actual cause but might be network and key delays issues… or might be other. so may be that is why that
  2. or try with mouse right click and then copy then try in user system to check the data is being copying or not.

let us know :slight_smile:


Can anyone tell me how to get the bulk data say 1000 records from Citrix machine to local machine.Using OCR we can’t do i guess.
and Client don’t agree to install UipathRemoteRuntime.msi.

Any other solution would be helpful.

Hey @ndivya

The first option i will prefer clipboard. Via clipboard you can take data more reliably instead of OCR.


How to take data from clipboard from Citrix to local machine

Hey @ndivya

“Get From Clipboard Activity” Will help you in this case.

Note - Before using it. just make sure you you data will be set to clipboard.

This will help you.


we have table with multiple pages and which is not constant in Citrix environment?
From that table in citrix environment we need to get in datatable.
how can we do this

Hey @ndivya

This will help you :slight_smile: