Copy from one cell to other cell

Hi Team,
copy from A2 cell and paste into another excel file

Here A2 is not just a number, if i copy and paste from read cell activity to write cell activity
it will take as 01 and paste it as 1, i need 01…So we have to use excel formula like “=TEXT(A”+CellCounter.ToString +“,dt)”

Here i taken CellCounter as variable as stored as 2 default and dt is read cell value…But it is not working…Please help me on this

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Can You Try in Write Cell Activity as '01

i used write cell activity only, but it is taking as 1,

So i tried with formula…but that also not working

append before your Value in Write Cell Activity

That also i tried, its not working

In the write cell, have to do format the cell from number to text…then only it is pasting as 01

Check the sample Workflow it worked for me though

Sequence5.xaml (6.9 KB)

That whats am saying, while copying it will copy as 01 and while pasting it will do as 1

its not number, its text

This will surely work have tested it as well .
it will take value from Sheet1 and paste it in sheet2.
Check if u have enabled preserve format (8.2 KB)


when i write, am facing like this in the excel sheet,

am not getting as 01, am getting as '01 in the excel.

Please help me


Hi @Sharanabasava,

Please check it here the solution.