How to paste value cell after cell and in the correct format in an Excel file?


I want to copy paste the following yellow rates

in the below Excel file cell after cell ( number 75 then 76 then 77 etc…)
Which activity to use. Is that correct to use the write cell activity?
Second question how to be able to paste the value 3.3982 in the Excel file instead of 33982.0000 format??


Thanks in advance for your help.

find the cellcount and add in the range of writecell

Can you explain a little bit more how to proceed?
I want to write data’s in A75 then A76 regarding data’s found via matches activity.
Example ( AUD =3.3982 stored in a variable called ienAUD this value should be pasted into A75) and ( CAD= 2.9541 stored in a variable called ienCAD this value should be pasted into A76)

and how to keep the correct format when I paste the value into Excel?

may i know only in A75 and A76 u have to write or the whole column??

I have to write the 11 different number value that I’ve found into the related cells in Excel starting from G75 to G85

May i know what is format of your Excel File?

what do you mean exactly?

Please see below the regional settings regarding the decimal symbol and digit grouping symbol:

Is this what you needed?

I Want to know is it general or Text or Anything else…

It’s number

Any idea how to proceed?

I am getting correct output in excel as my Format is also Number.

Are you doing any conversion while entering Number?

When I got the value I then use a write cell activity and put the variable as follow (see in yellow)


Is it also giving same value in writeline?

Can you send your excel file?

In write line it gives me this result 3,3982

This is the excel file:

Corporate exchange for upload.xlsx (18.6 KB)

Use below expression “3,3982”.Replace(“,”,“.”) to get value like 3.3982.

Try once and let me know.


By using replace(“,”,“.”) I have now the correct format when I paste into Excel, thanks


but how now to fill in the 11 rates automatically on G75 until G85?


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You only solve part of the problem but not the 2nd part. I want to be able to paste the different value in G75 to G85 how to proceed?

Thanks in advance for your help.


@mce You can do it by using write cell activity.

  1. Assign one Int32 Counter variable with default value set to 75 out of the loop.
    2.Inside For each loop take If activity with condition set to Counter<86.
    3.Take write cell activity inside if activity and assign range like G+Counter.tostring
    4.Take another assign activity with value
    Counter=Counter+1 inside loop.

Let me know if you have any query.


Hello @mce

Here if the cell numbers are static then you can use Write cell activity to acheive this. So inorder to loop through the needed cell you have to create a counter and a loop.

The cell range will be F75.F76,F77 ETC… So here 75,76,77.ETC needs to be dynamically generated.

Use while loop i<100. (Here 100 is the last cell to insert, you can change ,also initialise i=75)
Wite cell (Range will be “F”+i.ToString)