Excel Automation, Copy data from one excel to another excel

I have two excel files one is from last month and another one is of current month, I have to check the last date in last month excel and Corresponding to that row i have to copy data from certain cells and paste it in current month file cells. For this I have used Read data Column Activity and able to get the row where to take, now the issue is when i am copying data using read cell activity and pasting it in another file using write cell, the format is changing. Suppose the one cell is having the values"$ -" When I am pasting that same thing in another file it is giving me value “0”. The cells are having formula, I tried using read cell formula and write cell activities also, it is not working, Can anyone help ???


Try enabling this property in READ CELL and give a try

  • PreserveFormat - Selecting this check box keeps the formatting of the cell that you want to read. By default, the check box is cleared.

Cheers @nagini.pragna

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