Copy a single cell and paste it into a range (multiple cells) in Excel

I tried the " UiPath.Excel.Activities.ExcelCopyPasteRange " Activity to do this but it only allows copying a range (or multiple cells) and paste it into a range of the same size.

Hi @mortizs

U can try read cell activitiy to read a cell and then use write range to write the cell

That will not work because the value of the cell has leading 0s in text format and when I use write cell or write range this activities deletes those ceros

Hi @mortizs

I did this way


Here the input file used is


Output is got


Two things mostly i had done is

the data obtained from read cell is store in output variable which is generic Value datatype.

Also checked the preserve format in read cell activity

Check this workflow

Main.xaml (6.4 KB)


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This is fine. But if we required particular no.of.cells like A1,C3,D4… in that case this code doesnt work. Do you have any other idea about this

Put a single quote in front of it. This is notation telling Excel to treat it as text. It won’t show in the actual value.