Copy excel row information into a web application

Hello RPA world,

Rookie girl here, first post, veteran reader.
I stumbled upon a problem that I am not able to solve and I know you guys/girls can help me out.

I want to copy specific data from excel to an internet data base (customer number).
Things done until now:

  • sequence created with excel application scope
  • read range activity added
  • for each row added with data table variable created
  • assign counter with counter variable created

Problem: I don’t know how to actually copy data from excel and paste it to the web data base (Microsoft Dynamics NAV).

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Hi @Alina,

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Instead of using counter method, You Just please go to Anchor base activity to pass the each row variable into particular column in the data base.


Buddy @Alina

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And thats really a great question to start with

Fine i would suggest to use sene hot keys with tab as input and use no. Of tabs required until you reach that field where you want to enter the data with type into activity…thats the best option…or
For more information kindly view this thread that would surely solve you issuess…
Can not indicate windows form item on Microsoft Dynamic AX - #7 by rytis.k
Microsoft Dynamics
Cheers buddy @Alina
Kindly try this and let know whether this works

I have created a workflow on this @Alina.
Definitely you will get some idea in order to get a solution.
Please mark as solution if you find this an appropriate one. (55.2 KB)


Did that work with scenario buddy @Alina

Hello Palaniyappan,

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I read what I found regarding Microsoft dynamics and managed to code the process partially. Still stuck with excel copy row and paste into Microsoft dynamics.

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Hello Mohansadaiyapillai,

Thank you for the solution provided. Yet I haven’t conclude my project. I had some issues as the Microsoft Dynamics was coded with Chrome and now I coded with Internet Explorer. Yet the excel part is not ended. I will come back with news. How to mark as solution?


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