Pasting Browser Data One by One By Corresponding Row into Excel

Hello all, first post here. Novice UiPath user just asking a few questions to help me get through this UiPath process.

In the screenshot I have here, you can see that I “Get Text” and I want to paste that text into excel. However, not do I not know how to paste the data one by one, but I also don’t know how I am supposed to align the data I copied into the correct row (ex. row 1 is blank but rows 2+3 need to be filled, yet when it runs row 1 will get filled)

There are 3 rows that I potentially have to fill.
I am confused on how to break up the data and put it in the rows one by one. That could be a good first step to figure out. Any tips?? Thank you in advance!

I am not sure that I fully understand what you stated above.
But I would:

  1. Use ‘Data Scrape’ tool
  2. ‘Extract Structured Data’ creating an Output Variable
  3. ‘Build Data Table’ - Add your headers & Name the DataTable
  4. ‘For Each Row’ refer to your Extract Variable
  5. In the Body portion use Add Data Row and refer to the name of your DataTable
  6. Then if you want it in Excel - Use Excel Application Scope
  7. Do ‘Write Range’ and refer to your data Table