How to select entire row by row value and copy one excel to another excel using uipath

When i try to row by row select copy to paste in another excel but its working on one row ,i need select and paste each full row and paste another excel.

Can anyone help this.

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Using read range you can read the whole range from your source excel.
Using write range you can write the range read from source excel into the second excel.

Is there any reason to read row by row and paste it into another excel?

use read range create output DT and then use write range pass that DT.

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1.You can store the data rows of the excel in a list or in the other data table.
2.Then try to write that data table in the other excel.
Any doubts please let me know…

If you just need the cell values you should be able to use the read range and write range excel activities.

If you want to keep the cell formatting you could use a select range activity, send the ctrl - C hotkey to the excel window, and then finally paste the values in the new excel using the ctrl - V hotkey. (16.2 KB)

Hi @Vashisht,

I attached my code can u please check this (16.2 KB)

Hi guyss,

i attached my code for yours ref.

I need paste row by row in another excel than i will do some calculation

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Check this link. It will solve it.


how to do this activity

Please be more specific. I’m not sure which part you are referencing.

Do you have the same issue as OP? If so have you tried the response by @balupad14 He appears to have resolved the issue.

If your inquiring about my post:
Part 1: Read and Write Range are activities in the UiPath.Excel.Activities Package. You can use Read Range to store the excel as a datatable. You can then use write range to write the datatable to another excel.

Part 2: Select Range is an activity in the UiPath.Excel.Activities Package. You can use the Select Range to select what you would like to copy and then use the Send Hotkey activities to send “ctrl c” to copy the data. Then open a new excel and use “ctrl v” to paste the copied data.