Copy data from an excel worksheet to another workbook that already have data

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I would need to copy the selective data from an excel file (PL Analysis-APR19-ITD) into the master file called FY2017 SGA Categories Actual Results Breakdown

My problem is that in the master file, it already have past month data.
So, how can I copy the data in the PL file into the master file without overwrite the current data in the master file.

Kindly advise.

Thank you.

Use append Range activity

yes buddy of-course you can
we have a activity called Append range and kindly follow the below steps that would surely rsolve your isue

  1. use excel application scope, to open the excel and pass the file path ofthis file PL Analysis-APR19-ITD
  2. use read range activity to read the data and get the output as datatable variable named out_dt
  3. use another application scope to open the excel and pass the file path of this file FY2017 SGA Categories Actual Results Breakdown
    4.Now use append range and pass the datatable out_dt as input and the sheetname in this excel “FY2017 SGA Categories Actual Results Breakdown”
    5. But keep this mind buddy, the number of columns in both the table should match and the headers should also match, then only it wll get appended exactly else it wont
  4. Thats all buddy you are dne

Kindly let know if this works or not, lets sort this ot

Did that work buddy @eelin


Sorry for late reply.

As for now, i am still cannot figure out how to use the append range activity.

Let me have some time to go through and feedback to you.

Thank you

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Hereby I attached my workflow and my excel files.

Currently i am manually setting the range for the write range activity.

Kindly advise me how to use the append range activity to paste the data in the empty data row without overwrite the existing data.

Thank you.Master file (test1).xlsx (176.0 KB)
PL Analysis-APR19-ITD (sample).xlsx (126.5 KB)
Main.xaml (7.6 KB)