Hi All,
I have two excel file and I want to fetch the data from one excel file and then put it into another file.when I run bot again then another value will be come into the next cell of the existing value in the excel 2.
but when I run the bot ,It will write only in one cell.
Can anyone pls help…
I am attaching the workflow and excel file…
please suggest me what I am missingNew_outlook_task.xaml (11.8 KB)


First use Read Range Activity to read data from Excel file and will give you output as dataTable.

If both Excel file contains same column headers then use Merge DataTable Activity and pass respective dataTables. And then use Write Range Activity to write into second Excel file and pass Destination DT to it.

If not then use Append Range Activity to append data to the existing data in second Excel file. It will append the data after end of the data.

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thanks @lakshman,
I have tried it but it gives me error . append_task_2.xaml (6.0 KB)
Can you please check that what I am missing…

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Currently am outside and don’t have system now.

Could you please show me screenshot of your process and tell me what error are you getting ?


error:- table argument can not be null in merge activity…


Where you saved output of Read Range Activity ? Is it read1 or merge_value.

And also in destination you specified as read1 and make sure it is of type DataTable and initialize it like New DataTable

output of read range is read 1…
then I used merge activity then pass read 1 to destination and in source create another variable merge_value.then pass it in to write range


Do one thing use Read Range Activity to read data from one Excel file and say output as ‘read1’ and it is of type DataTable.

Then use Append Range Activity and specify sheet name and pass read1 dataTable to this.

hi @lakshman
i am also doing the same.
i have an excel and filtered by filter data table activity.
after that i hv to paste the filtered data into another excel .
and this process i hv to follow on weekly basis.
but append range is not working in my case…
any suggestions?


Every week you want to filter data and Append it to other file. Are you trying this one ?

What error are you getting here ?

Hi @lakshman
"Every week you want to filter data and Append it to other file. Are you trying this one "
yes excatly
i am not getting any error.
after executing the flow i am not getting data in the master file after filteration…



First check whether data is filtered properly or not. Once it done and try to print it.

And also debug the code and check once where it is failing exactly. If possible could you please share screenshot of your process flow. Will check and update you.