Excel Read Range all columns from second to last row

Hey everyone!
I have a workflow in which I have an Excel sheet which I would like to copy (see screenshot).
I would like to take the second row from column A to L and copy the data from all rows so just drag it down because the amount of rows can differ (so from row 2 until open end). I hope you can help me out :blush:

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when you are using read range activity , keep range field empty and addHeader checked in the properties. hope it’s help.

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Thank you very much!
I declared it to a variable and used another Excel Application Scope with write range to copy paste the data. Unfortunately “Copy Sheet” didn’t work for some reason.
How can I paste the copied data to the row after the last row of the other Excel file?
Like I have a new Excel file which has 300 rows and I want to paste my copied data starting from row 301 of the new Excel file. Is there a solution for that?

@felixrand - Use Append Range to write from 301th row.

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Hi @prasath17
Can you show me with a screenshot how it would like? Append Range only has the datatable and the sheetname which doesn’t help me very much :sweat_smile:

Hi @felixrand ,

First use the read range then assign the output to a datatable. Eg: mainExcelDt

Then, use append range activity from workbook or use another excel scope and provide the second excel file name path. There you have to use the data table variable . Then it will append the 1st excel sheet data to the 2nd excel without affecting any data of 2nd excel. Hope this explanation helps u.


Hey @sharmi_86
thanks for answering.
Look at my screenshot and see what it looks like and the error on the bottom.
I read the range of “EXPORT.XLSX” and assign it as “export_datei” which I use in Append Range. “Export” includes the data which I want to put into the other Excel file which is in the Append Range activity. I read the range “Sheet1” from the first Excel and I use the Sheet “EP_FY2021” which is from the second Excel file. That is how I understand the use of the activities.
As you can see there is an error in the parameter name.
I can show you some other screenshots in the next reply which can help us solving the issue and so that we have a better overview :smiley:

This is how the “EXCEL.xlsx” looks like and the data go until row 477."
However on the second screenshot is the other Excel file “04_Legierungszuschlag Auswertung Januar FY2021.xlsx” where the columns a little different which might be the problem here.
The columns of the first screenshot start column B on the second screenshot/Excel file and goes even further until column Q. You can see the code on the third screenshot (seems I forgot it before)
I need to make more replies so that I can the needed screenshots.


I hope you can help me out! :slight_smile:

Hi @felixrand ,

Sorry for responding late . Can you try the activities in two separate excel scope?

Like this , and see if still it shows any error.
I tried with same excel file but 2 different sheets. Sheet2 has 3 columns and sheet3 has 4 columns.

You can use filter data table to remove the Column A and append the rest columns.