Copy data automated from Excel to a varaible in UiPath

Hi, im trying to Copy with Keyboard Shortcuts activity data in a specific Cell(by navigating with Excel navigation bar using Type into activity and press enter at the end, to make it dynamicly).
the problem seems that somehow the shortcut does not respones and nothing copied to the clipboard, so when im trying to get from clipboard its empty.
if im Physicly doing all those steps it does work.
Any suggestions ?
my suspicious is the regular expression Enter that somehow effects on the shortcut ctrl + c.


here’s an images of the flowchart just to get prespective on what im doing.

Hey @tamirabutbul

Why you are not going with the Excel background activities please ?


Hello @tamirabutbul

For excel automation uipath is providing excel package which supoorts background automation.

Is there any challenge that you are facing with this package or you havent tested that??

If not tested plz check that, it will help to solve almost all the important excel functionality.