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I am selecting data from Project and pasting into Excel sheet. When I manually copy and paste it preserves the hierarchy of parent child from Project. However when I do it from Uipath, I am losing the hierarchy and column headers. Can anyone suggest possible solutions please…

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Can you elaborate with specific screenshot and/or sample?


Please find Project Sample and Excel Sample. When Uipath copies from Project and pastes into Excel, I am not getting the hierarchy, Bold lines, indentation.



How did you paste it to the sheet using UiPath, for example Ctrl+v with SendHotKey activity or WriteRange activity etc?


Clicked Paste button in Excel.
Also tried click on cell A1 and Type into. None of them giving me the format.

When I do manual copy and paste(outside UiPath) I can preserve the format.
Makes me wonder why? Also, it is essential to keep the format.

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I think we need to identify which action has problem: Copy or Paste.
So for now, can you try the following.

  1. Manually copy, then paste it to the sheet by UiPath
  2. Copy by Uipath, then manually paste it to the sheet

Manual Paste works. Is there a way to do this from .net or VBA code to paste without losing Headers, indentation, bold text etc.

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It seems strange. Usually we can paste it with format information…
Have you tried to press Ctrl+v using SendHotKey activity? If never, can you try it?


can you attach the sample excel sheet

Tried. Same result. Thank you,

If I do "Send hot key - CTRL +V " nothing is getting pasted. When I click on Paste button in Excel only data is getting pasted.

@A_Learner Use Copy Sheet Activity ,That will resolve your problem …