Copy and Paste table from excel to notepad

Hi Everyone,

I want to copy the whole structure from excel to notepad. I have created a datatable and converted that into a string and write it to the text file but I don’t want that output, as it shows comma if I am copy the table structure. Instead I want the (tab - space). So I want to do Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V into the text file from Excel. Please anyone help me out.



please try this send hotkey activity- hope useful my inputs

@rkelchuri yes you are correct. I have tried using hotkey only. But I am trying to open the notepad through Open Application activity and sending hotkey ‘Ctrl+V’ though it is not working . Can you please help me to show the step by step as how to do Ctrl+V in notepad.

Hi hemal,
Refer this code. if u want inside the CITRIX then the solution is different. (9.5 KB)

Hello @debasisa, I am getting an error like, ‘Activity could not be loaded because of errors in the XAML.’

You have to go to Package manager and install the UiPath.Database.Activities package.

The solution is still not clear. Let’s say i have an excel output.xlsx (8.5 KB)
and as it is to a word doc/notepad, can you please suggest how to do it?

Thanks heaps.


PFA Solution, I have done very basic programming, I will optimize the solution by using either DB or Datatable and share with you (9.3 KB)

Revised Solution, Use ExcelToNotepadUsingDT workflow (11.4 KB)


Hi @hemal ,

  1. To copy data from excel to clipboard you use “Copy Data” activity in the below .
    UiPathGo - BalaReva Excel Activities

2.Open the Notepad and use the Ctrl+V in the sendhot key activity.