Help in copy and paste table from excel to notepad

need help or rather tutorial Copy and Paste table from excel to notepad by keeping format

Hi Erik,

this one seem pretty easy.
When you say keeping format, I am assuming you mean the rows and columns format in csv.

I created a sample xaml and attaching it here.
Steps are simple

  1. Add an Excel Application Scope activity (in the properties give the folder path for the file)
  2. Add a Read Range Activity and give the workbookpath and sheet name. Store the results in a variable called dt (of the type DataTable)
  3. Add a Write CSV activity and give dt (DataTable from previous step) as the input

Now your excel table is copied and pasted into a comma separated format in notepad.

Please check the attachments which contains the xaml file and an excel sheet I have created for you. Once you run the xaml in UIPath it will generate the comma separted values file which can be opened in notepad.

Hope this helps.

Praveen Kumar
Director - Nanite Solutions
appends.xlsx (7.9 KB)
Sample_CSV.xaml (11.3 KB)