How to capture Text from notepad and copy to Excel

Hi all,

Can any one guide me with samples or example to copy data from note pad and paste to excel ?

Your help is much appreciated. thanks in advance.


Hi @ram_ch,

you can do it in 2 different way

  1. Open the notepad file using send hot key ctrl+A and ctrl+ c, then open the excel file using excel application scope and paste it save the file.
  2. use read text file activity get the data from the notepad and use build data table to format the data then use write range activity to write the data in the excel sheet

Arivu :slight_smile:

Thanks Arivu,

Do you have any example file? thanks for your help

refer this…
notepad to (11.0 KB)

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Hi, The t1 datatable that is created is not called anywhere. I tried using your example into my project. Please see and suggest if i have done something wrong. (1.6 MB)

Can you please let me know what is the output you want to achieve from the above DuplicateRemoval workflow.
Do you want to copy the text from .txt file (from line 22) to excel (dummy.xlsx)?

Actually i wanted to copy the text from the Notepadd++ to the excel directly, however, i was not able to achieve it. So i thought it would be easier to first copy it to the notepad and then copy it to the excel.


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Make use of Macros. it’s much simpler. You can execute the Macros in UiPath.
UiAutomation approach is More Prone to Errors.