Copy and paste filtered results only

Hi Guys!

I want to filter a table in my excel workbook, and copy the filtered data and paste it in another workbook.

So, I would run a macro that filters the data, and read range occurs. After read range, the other workbook would open and the data from read range would be pasted. However, when i run it, there are no errors but all the data is copied over to the other workbook, but when i opened the data workbook, it shows the workbook data is filtered.

How do I overcome this problem?

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Kindly try with filter datatable activity once
that would be clear on what to be filtered and we can easily validate whether it got filtered or not

Cheers @Dan_Y

Hi @Dan_Y

Can you please share your xaml file. So that we can understand the problem in a better way.


Hi guys!

Thank you for your replies! I realised that i can use that function and there is no issues with it. Thank you for your inputs!

However, is it possible for me filter options to filter data rows based on the column containing a specific string? Like filter the results that have [100] in the column (eg. [100] James) would be filtered?

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Have you tried using ‘Contains’ in “Operation” ?