Uipath still copies and pastes the data from a specific column of the original excel file even after column is manually filtered

Hello, I have spent a lot of time on this but I could not find a straight answer. Here is what I would like to accomplish:

  1. By using the Desktop Recording mode, I was able to open my excel file, apply the “Filter”, and only select all the rows that match my conditions based on the value from a specific column.

  2. From there, I used “for each row” and “type into” to write each line of another column of interest into notepad.

The issue is that after filtering, I am supposed to only have ten rows, but for some reasons, Uipath does not recognize the new filtered data and keeps reading the data from the original excel file.

I am confused.

Any tip? Thank you!

If you want to preserve the filters when you use Read Range you need to check the property UseFilter, otherwise it will read all the rows regardless of the filters selected in excel.

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