Copy all value under specific cell

Im really new to UIPath.
I want to know is there easy way to copy all value from specific cell and paste it into the same template.

This is the source file

I want to copy all value from SEG 1 and paste all the value into another specific cell

Thank you so much
Really appreciate all the help

This is the cell that i want to paste the value:

use read range activity and select starting cell ref as A7 and store in DT1 (datatable variable)
use assign stage
var1=dt1.row(0).item(“SEG 1”).tostring

now paste it on cell where you want.


Thanks for the reply,
but how if i want to select the whole value under SEG 1?
Thanks so much

Could you please paste excel ?

I have attached source file and final result excel file.

What i intended was to paste all value from SEG 1 to rows under Comp
any column in final result.

Final result.xlsx (16.9 KB)
Source file.xlsx (11.7 KB)


is this what you want?

main.xaml (11.3 KB)

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Thank you but may i know what does this expression mean?

string.Join(Environment.NewLine, datatable.ToArray() )

@mashy2 column values
2.convert ienumrable to array
3.join array with newline

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