Copy from excel and paste in URL

Hello Guys,
I have an excel with 2 columns (Column 1 is having url and column 2 is having file name).
So I need to take cell value from column 1 and paste it in browser and then save it using file name which is from column 2.
I am new to UI Path and any help is appreciated.

I created one sample workflow which I am attaching below , which does automation for one row.Main.xaml (30.5 KB)

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@ Ranjitbommidi

First read the excel file using “Read Range” activity specify the same for the read range.

To get values from first row,first column then " Datatable.rows(1).Item(1).ToString"
to get first row, 2nd column then " Datatable.rows(1).Item(2).ToString"

Use this you will be able to get the values.

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