Copy a Range form excel to SAP

Good day & Hello,
kindly help me how to copy a range (B2:AE4) but i need to paste it into SAP row by row (B2:AE2) next (B3:AE3)…, i never do this kind activity before, thank you.



Read the range(B2:AE4)and inside for each row in the data table activity pass the current row as the input to the SAP field.
Share the screen of the Field in which you need to give input.

thank you.

The sample structure to automate this scenario.

Selectors need to be dynamic for each iteration and implement a counter if necessary.
Use the counter inside the selector to achieve the result for each iteration.

Add more type into activity to enter other columns in the row.

Dear Sangeetha,
using type into was not recommended since total columns are 30 columns.
what i try to solve is how to copy range B2:AE2 and click on the SAP column and pasted the range, and do that for another PO for the next row, thank you.


Check if this approach works

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Check out this thread

Hope it will helps


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