Convert Excel table with formatting to html code

I have been trying to export an excel file with all the colouring and formatting to html code so i can use that code and paste in the body of an email to be viewed when the recipient opens the mail.

Please Help.
Thanks in advance

Hi @Amr_Nweery

To export an Excel file with formatting and color to HTML code in UiPath, you can use the following steps:

Step 1: Read the Excel file and store it in a DataTable

Step 2:
Use the “Generate Data Table” activity to convert the DataTable to HTML format. Set the “Output” property to a string variable that will store the HTML code.

Step 3:
Use the “Send Outlook Mail Message” activity or any other email activity to send the email. In the properties of the email activity, set the “Body” property to the HTML code variable obtained in Step 2.