Add Excel table to outlook mail body. Any simple way to put this Excel table in to the outlook Email body?


This can be done by using the method mentioned in the below link

It might help

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Hi @Praveen_Vs,

You can use the “Create HTML Content” activity. First read your excel table and insert it here as a table. If you wish, you can also make design arrangements. The output will be a string. You can put it directly in outlook body.

Don’t forget to turn on the isBodyhtml attribute in mail activity.


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KIndly, give solution to who needs the solutions

Thank you

Yes, This really helps. But the Colors are missing. Is there any way to get that table colors as same as in the excel

@muhammedyuzuak This works great, But what is the way to get the colors ?


I have a workflow which i have used for my last project hope this will help you if you modify it to your requirement
DataTableToHtmlText-Excel.xaml (18.6 KB)

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You need to add color to <tr> codes. You can progress using a loop while doing this.

I reviewed this .xaml file. Good example for you to use.

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