Convert csv single coulm to multiple columns

Hi guys,
I am writing a datatable to csv file and later applying formula based on column values…
In order to apply formula. I had to use write cell…which can only be used within excel application scope.

So i opened my csv file using excel application scope and then applied formula using write cell method.
So far so good.

Now when i open the same csv file… all colums and its corresponding values are merged into single column.

I have further process to be applied on this csv file.
I know i can use text to data option of excel to separate the columns…but i was wondering if there is way to do the same using uipath?

Got this working by
1.reading the output csv via read text command…and saving output in text
2.then writing to another temp csv file via write text command but with a "sep=~"appended to the text string.