Uipath write csv column problem

Hello to all,

I just follow this example on the net : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVtgA_PQ5R4 (53:50) and at the end after writing web page data to csv file, I get an output like “name,phone,birthday” as header in one column and all other entries in one column separated with comma. I want it to be in three columns.

“array row” in “Add Data row” is like {name,phone,birthday} and I have three columns in “Build Data Table” step

My main sequence is like:

Please help me

It is supposed to be like that because it is a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file. Is it appearing like that when you open it in Excel as well? Or is it getting divided into separate columns in Excel?

Correct and works as intended.
Excel doesn’t divide columns by comma by itself. Either use semicolon as separator in the WriteCsv activity or in Excel use split text to columns (on ribbon under data).

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Unfortunately it is same when I open it in Excel…

I use semicolon in the writecsv activity but I cannot use semicolon in add data row / Arrayrow field it gives error…

Thank you to all my problem is resolved when I use semicolon as delimeter in Write Csv activity (I thought that I should also use semicolon in add data row / Arrayrow field)

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