Read text file and write into CSV file


I have a text file containing Name, Age, Experience, Profile each of them separated by a colon, I want to read that data and write into CSV file and I want Name, Age, Experience, and Profile is treated as a column in a new CSV file. Please, someone, help me on this or share a workflow for this.
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@Asmit_Anand1 try below workflow and let if u find any difficulties in that workflow. Give ur text file and excel file path in that workflow.

Seq----.xaml (12.6 KB)


Thanks a lot, I will try this.


Thanks again,I executed your workflow it’s working smoothly, I have one doubt in understanding the workflow can u explain me after splitting part i.e Add data column and Add to collection.


@Asmit_Anand1 In every loop After splitting with respect to “:” label will come to zeroth position of array and value comes to come to 1st position of array. every time loop runs column will be created by zeroth position of array and first position will be added to collection. After for loop execution we are adding collection to datatable as row by converting collection to array.

If u have any further doubts let me.


Thanks bro,got it :slight_smile:


@Asmit_Anand1 welcome:smiley: