Write from csv format into excel format (with columns)

Hello everyone,
the file i want to format, is in an format, that i have to split after the delimiter " | " and write into different columns.
Unfortunately i can´t do that with “text to columns” , because the Bot doesn´t run only on my laptop.

Does anyone know how to program that, without using Mouse Click Activities?

Kind regards!

Hi @mcLauge

Read CSV activity. Select delimiter “|”. This will be create a datatable. Then you can get it with “Get Row Item” activity.

Hope this helps!!!
Good day!!! Happy Automation!!!


  1. Use Build DataTable activity to create a structure for your output.
  2. Read the CSV file using Read CSV activity.
  3. Select the delimiter as pipes (in your case).
  4. Iterate through the data.
  5. Add it to the respective columns in the Build DT.

Follow the above mentioned steps. Hope this helps @mcLauge :slight_smile: