Read CSV with " " in columnname


I get a file from one of our applications that I cannot read. I need to get the value “Factuur nr” and "Bedrag"from row 8. In this example there is only one row, in the real world there are about 300.000.

I have tried everthing I know but I cannot get uipath to make seperate collumns of the file. Can someone help me?

The rows 1 -4 and 6 - 7 are rubish an can be deleted.

I cannot upload the CSV so I have put the xlsx file in. Normaly it is saved as a CSVVOORBEELD - Copy (2).xlsx (9.8 KB)

Thanks in advance.

Greetings Dion

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From here you need extract values from row 5 right??

Right, row 5 are my collumnnames. In row 8 you’ll find the values.

so it basically it looks like this and you need to get values from
Column(“Factuur nr”) and Column(“Bedrag”)


okay in a minute ill send you sample file.

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Here you go
Cheers@Dion :smiley: just change the Sheet Name Main.xaml (7.2 KB)

able to get only those column values
and delete that assign activity before using itVOORBEELD - Copy (2).xlsx (10.1 KB)

It does not work. The problem is that it is a CSV file but I cannot upload that here. When i replace the read range by read csv it does not make separate columns :frowning:VOORBEELD.txt (1.4 KB)

Here is the file as txt, maybe this helps.

okay can share the screen shot atleast need to have look at it
if you dont have to upload it in public
you can mail me the csv

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everything is in single coulmn that entire values in single cell!
from there you want to extarct??

I have solved the problem: I run a powershell script, which saves the CSV as XLSX. In the XSLX the collumns line out correctly so I can read the range.

Works like a charm. Thnx for the help!


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