Controlling BrowserType for 'Open Browser' activity

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I am using ‘Open Browser’ activity to open the browser session and run my workflow. I want to control the BrowserType from a seperate json file that contain my workflows configuration details. However i don’t see an option to pass the browser type from the config file to the ‘Open Browser’ activity other than the BrowserType dropdown. Am i missing something here.? Any suggestions would be helpful.

Rammohan B.

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Hi. Not sure you can do that with a dropdown option.
What if you have a Switch Box, Decision, or If that will branch off (from your config setting that you set) to each Open Browser with a different type, then Invoke your steps inside them that interactive with the webpage by passing the output Browser variable? Just make sure that the Invoked steps are using partial selectors.

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Thank you so much for the reply @ClaytonM. So i believe there is no direct way to control the BrowserType property outside of the dropdown.

Another Quick Question: If i take the browser output variable from ‘Open Browser’ activity and pass it to another ‘Attach Browser’ activity, it should take the ‘Browser’ property as precedence independent of the ‘BrowserType’ configured for the activities right?

Rammohan B.

Yeah, I’m fairly sure that is correct. Using the browser variable will pass all the information it needs that will let the Attach Browser connect to it.

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Hello Ram,

I don’t think so there is way to select browser type dynamically, I tried finding way but no luck. so you’ll have to choose from dropdown list when you’re using open browser activity. if you have found that please inform us :slight_smile:


Hi @Rammohan91

It is doable on the latest version :slight_smile:


I have just started automating for a demo project after taking foundation training on Uipath Academy.
My understanding is Open Browser activity uses the default browser (if no browser is set in the activity) set in our system to open a browser session to access a url specified in the activity. Does it mean in the latest version(UiPath 2019.4 has it?) we can select browser type for open browser activity dynamically?

I also like to know if the open browser activity supports even Safari browsers if running in Mac Books. When I created a workflow to open browser & access certain url in windows system, the drop down had IE, Firefox, Chrome, EDGE. But didn’t find Safari(which is Default browser for MacBooks & iPads).

If I have to access same url in MacBook, will the open browser activity use Safari to access url, or do I have to install chrome or other browser & make them my default browser for the W/F to run w/o issues? Please suggest…

Hi @Snigdha_S

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It actually depends on the UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities package. Simply update that package to at least 19.10.1 and you will have the option to set it as a variable:

This actually applies to all fields now :slight_smile:
(or at least most of them)

Well, UiPath does not support Mac Books by default, so I would imagine this would be the reason. The only way to automate a Mac machine currently would be to have it installed on a virtual machine and automate it using image based automation (which removes the ability to use the Open Browser activity natively).

See here for a list of supported systems:

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I have one more question. This is not related to Browser though… I need some advice implementing floating robot in real-time where 2 different users/systems can access the same robot at different times.
I posted in related topic but the last discussion before my post was long ago, not sure if topic is still active.

Please advice me regarding below scenario:

I created a floating robot for machine A(my laptop), & ran a process published from my laptop(studio) to orchestrator by connected my robot agent to orchestrator using domain/username & Machine key combination.
I want to add another PC - office system as machine B in orchestrator (connect robot agent in office PC to orchestrator with different domain/username & machine key combination) & use the same floating robot to run same process in machine B(Office PC)
How do I setup Office PC(what all I need to install - i don’t need whole package here, just the robot agent) to just trigger the floating robot & run the same process(my understanding is Robot agent downloads the process/package from orchestrator & runs it).

Hi @Snigdha_S

In Uipath studio installer to select “Install Uipath Robot Only” option to install robot tray in your Office PC it will help to connect your PC to orchestrator.