Controlling BrowserType for 'Open Browser' activity



Hi There,

I am using ‘Open Browser’ activity to open the browser session and run my workflow. I want to control the BrowserType from a seperate json file that contain my workflows configuration details. However i don’t see an option to pass the browser type from the config file to the ‘Open Browser’ activity other than the BrowserType dropdown. Am i missing something here.? Any suggestions would be helpful.

Rammohan B.


Hi. Not sure you can do that with a dropdown option.
What if you have a Switch Box, Decision, or If that will branch off (from your config setting that you set) to each Open Browser with a different type, then Invoke your steps inside them that interactive with the webpage by passing the output Browser variable? Just make sure that the Invoked steps are using partial selectors.


Thank you so much for the reply @ClaytonM. So i believe there is no direct way to control the BrowserType property outside of the dropdown.

Another Quick Question: If i take the browser output variable from ‘Open Browser’ activity and pass it to another ‘Attach Browser’ activity, it should take the ‘Browser’ property as precedence independent of the ‘BrowserType’ configured for the activities right?

Rammohan B.


Yeah, I’m fairly sure that is correct. Using the browser variable will pass all the information it needs that will let the Attach Browser connect to it.


Hello Ram,

I don’t think so there is way to select browser type dynamically, I tried finding way but no luck. so you’ll have to choose from dropdown list when you’re using open browser activity. if you have found that please inform us :slight_smile: