Open Browser Activity - predefined browser

Hi guys,
I wonder how can you define the browser in UiPath Studio when using “Open Browser” activity. UiPath always opens web with Internet Explorer, but I would like to use any other one, Miscrsoft Edge for instance. How can I define this?
Thanks for your help!

Hi @dasora

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Defaulty open browser activitiy work on internet explorer

But you can select the browser type u need in browser type in property panel of open browser.

Like u can select chrome, FireFox , Edge from there

In your case u nee sro select browser type as edge

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Hello @dasora,

As Nived_Nambiar mentioned, this can be changed from Open Browser activity Properties.
Please check my screenshot below, for a more visual solution:

I hope it’s more clear now.


Thank you guys. That really solves my problem!

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