Access Activity Properties



Can we get access to few of the properties option so that we can modify them externally at runtime.
For example : Let us consider Open Browser Activity, were we have to manually select the browsertype value, save and run the workflow. Now if i want to select that value at the runtime, it cant be done.So can we add this feature in any of the future release.

Following is the post which made me of this thing : Controlling BrowserType for 'Open Browser' activity

Passing Boolean to checkbox of activity - change checkbox to combo box to allow variable input

I like it. There were other areas where this was not possible. For example: Citrix Google OCR Dinamic AllowedCharacters

Can we get a list of these?


HI @badita - Will update this page when i find any activity with such situation. Thanks for accepting and liking it.


Set transanction Status - exception type would be cool.



Hi @badita - I am not sure enough if this will help or not, but can we have an option to provide a number to be increment when a column is created in build data table.
Currently, if i enable auto increment, the column is incremented by 1, but instead of incrementing by 1, i need an option to increment by the specified number.