How to change the execution to different browsers



Target Scenario : Recorded a flow using IE browser and I want to execute the same flow on chrome
Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version: 2017.1.6435
OS Version: Windows 10

How can i achieve this without changing the browser type at every Attach Browser step.

Vishal Kumar


Just assign browser type in open browser and create a Browser instance output in UiBrowser property and assing it to attache browser(every you have in your process ) in Browser property of attache browser activity.




I have many steps with Attach browser activity. Do I need to change in every step or can I set that value at the beginning of execution in Open browser.

Vishal Kumar



I am getting below error on creating a variable for output of Open Browser Activity and using it in the Attach Browser activity

Vishal Kumar


Here find the attached sample and you will get your answer :slight_smile: how to use it
Vishal_Sample.xaml (7.4 KB)

This is just for your knowledge but there is one gotcha

The selectors will vary from browser to browser to you will get an error if you have set it with IE and will try to run it with chrome.Not always but sometimes it happens.



If you are using Browser existing instance then you don’t have to pass selectors. you have to use one property at a time.



Hi Aksh,

Thank you very much !!! I got the solution needed.

Vishal Kumar


You can only run one Test Studio test at a time on a single machine. Test Studio tests are a type of UI testing. If multiple tests try to run in parallel on the same machine, the two windows (Browser or WPF application window) would be fighting each other for input focus control as well as mouse and keyboard control. One of the other will lose causing your tests to unexpectedly fail. Our scheduling server will limit you to running one test at a time for an individual machine.


UiPath is designed such that it targets to execute a job without being considered from which browser task has been completed.
Inspite of the above fact I have tried to make a small program which asks for input browser and opens the required browser.
If that helps you for your job.
PFA ChooseBrowser.xaml (8.0 KB)




I mean to say as I am tester we generally write automations such that user can run the scripts from all the available browser. Just that you have to select the browser in when you run the test suite or the suite will run on the default browser.
However, in case of UiPath this decision is static. At the time of designing automation script has one browser to be selected.
As Browser Type is a dropdown and not a Text property to be passed from outside of the script.(at runtime)