Consulting with client with a lower version

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Not sure where to put this issue…

I am working with a client and he has a lower version. He sends me bots for me to look at and then I need to make a few changes and send it back to him. However, when I open his files, it will “upgrade” them and then he can´t open them in his version.

How can I cope with this? Can I install multiple clients in parallel? or can I export them somehow to him. He is runnning 18.1.4 and I am running 18.4.0. Any tips?

You can use older version of uipath as well if it exists in your system.
It will be located under "C:\Users{USERNAME}\AppData\Local\UiPath"
Even if you don’t have it, if you get the app folder of that version from somebody and paste it under this path, you will be able to use that version to make changes.
Steps to use it.

  1. Open app.versionnumber(Required version)
  2. open the UiStudio exe file
  3. Open required source code and make changes.

This will avoid version conflict issues.

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Thank you very much. Great stuff. This should fix my issues cooperating with my client

Just talked to my client again today and we had a look at his folder structure. He does not have these folders. His uipath catalog looks like this:

No version paths and no executables from there. Did you start this way of adding versions at a later time? Would it be possible at all to get my hands on a version 18.1.4 folder?

You’re probably looking at the wrong folder, it should be located in “C:\Users\ {USERNAME}\AppData\Local\UiPath” as @Vinutha mentioned.

I know it seems like a different folder. But that is because he zipped it to me and I unzipped in my downloads folder. I checked on his computer as well, and it´s exactly the same structure.

Ah, my bad. I’m afraid I can’t help you then.

Hi @lisbeth.skogland
The difficulty here is that you are using the Community Edition and your client is using the Enterprise edition. The community edition is free to use, but is forced to auto-update and it is in theory not easily possible to run older versions of it. It also automatically installs in your user folder on your Desktop.
The enterprise edition, on the other hand, installs in Program Files folder for all users and never auto-upgrades.

I cannot help here more that that. It is not generally advisable to develop an automation solution on different versions of Studio (even if you can open the project back on the older version afterwards). It can cause some compatibility issues down the line.

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Ok. Thank you for your explanation. Does this mean that it is not possible to run more than one version of UiPath Studio Enterprise Edition on the same machine?

I will be switching to enterprise edition myself shortly as I am waiting for my license from my company. But I do expect to be consulting for more than one UiPath customer, and I can´t really expect them to necessarily be running the same version, as decisions about upgrading will lie in their respective it departments.

I would expect this to be a problem that more than one consultant will run into, so something should be thought off to be able to handle this.

I guess to get around this I could run different UiPath versions on virtual machines but it´s hardly ideal…

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Because the Enterprise Edition license is based on your device ID, you can create different users on your desktop with different versions of Enterprise Edition, if you really need to :slight_smile:

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Yes, well, my it-department might not approve of that. Not sure I have authority to create additional users on my computer. So back to virtualbox or something of the sort I guess…