Backward compatibility

If I use community edition v 18.4 and then want to port it back to v18.1 on the studio, is it possible?


Yes, its possible. You have to request UiPath support team for that version to install it.

May i know what purpose you want go to previous version ?

My cloud platform (long term solution) is on 18.1 and I started developing on community edition 18.4 (auto upgrade) to get a head start and now want to push the robots in the cloud.


Ok. Do you have UiPath Enterprise edition 18.1 version or not ? If not then request from UIPath support team.

After moving it to previous version, you many need to change package versions.

Yes I do have the 18.1 version. But is there a lot of rework to move my bots from 18.4 community edition and put those on 18.1 version which I have on my AWS.


Please check below thread. It has all product release notes.

Its all depends on packages which are used in your process. After moving, if any error came then that change package.