Low version of Uipath

I want a 2018.4.2 version of uipath, can anyone help me? Thank you.

Similar post here. I think you need to contact with UiPath support

Sorry, I can’t find technical support.

I’m not quite sure about your situation but you can try below link for tech support.

Also, you can try twitter post if possible, they may help you.


Community Edition is provided by UiPath free of charge and we don’t offer support for it on our ticketing platform. Any inquiries from personal email addresses won’t be answered. Please use the Community Forum and also check the Resources page, they cover all the theoretical and practical knowledge on UiPath.

Hi buddy @WangJidong
Kindly contact the uipath helpdesk for getting the older version of Community Edition

you will be directed in a way to accomplish this

Cheers @WangJidong

Hello @WangJidong ,

Im not totally sure but i think here you can downgrade the version of uipath

Im not sure if this can help you with your problem, but good luck! :grinning:

For anyone looking for 2018.4, or any older UiPath version for that matter, you can download it through the Help link in the UiPath Automation Hub, so long as you have an enterprise license. The 60 enterprise trial works as well.

Here’s an image of the past UiPath Studio releases available for download. Notice it goes back as far as 18.4.8.