Good day everyone I have studio 2022 and I wanted to downgrade to the version 2020, does anyone have the link please assist on the correct link for it

Hi @Anelisa_Bolosha1

To download the old version of Studio, if you are using Cloud Orchestrator

click in question mark icon > downloads

Now click in “Other Versions”

This is not applicable to Community Version

Question mark on studio:
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Hello @Anelisa_Bolosha1
Refer to this Thread, you may get some Idea

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The one on the top right?..I’m sorry I can’t seem to be able to upload

The image wasn’t uploaded.

The download option is available in Orchestrator not in Studio


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Do I still continue even if the orchestrator is already version 2020?

Thank you i’m installing

Overview - Compatibility Matrix

we assume that Enterprise version is installed
As another point

  • we can control the Package versions references of a project and can work with 22 Studio against UiPath.XXX Activities Level 20. As long the 22 Studio is not incompatible to Ui Contraints given from the 20 Level Packages

This is what I see only when I click on the question mark

Yes we have an enterprise license

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