Clarification on Old Versions of UiPath stored in Appdata


I am confused with different version of UiPath being installed in the same machine and hope someone can help.

I have one machine where an enterprise edition of UiPath 2018.2 was installed. It was then upgraded to 2018.3 and now I have just installed 2018.4.

In the list of installedfiles in control panel "Programs and featrues, I see both UiPath version 2018.3 and 2018.4 installed. But in the user/Appdata folder, I see all three version exist and i am able to open them all. I want to make sure I am using the upgraded version and my understanding was that once I install the latest version, all previous versions will be replaced by the new version. Why do they still exist in AppData?

Will there be a potential problem if I now update all the code into the latest version?

Any clarification on what the Appdata stores and what program files stores will be really helpful.

Hi @bokapakhi

Are you sure there was no previous community edition installation on the machine? It is this one that normally resides in your user folder.

Enterprise edition installs for the entire machine, thus in Program Files folder.

I would simply suggest to uninstall the older versions and install only the most recent one. This will save you some potential headaches later on. One way for this configuration to misbehave would be if you run a most recent Studio but the underlying robot service is launched from the location of the older version. It will start throwing errors when you try to run your process.

Thanks Maciej, I have done than and it all seems to work ok.