Connecting Artifactory NuGet Feed to Orchestrator in web.config



We are attempting to connect Orchestrator Packages to a NuGet feed defined in Artifactory.

We placed the URL and API key in the web.config for Orchestrator here:
!–Change the path to the packages folder. Default is ~/NuGetPackages.This can be a virtual path or a subfolder name.–>
add key=“NuGet.Packages.Path” value=“” />
add key=“NuGet.Packages.ApiKey” value=“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABBBBBBBBBBBBB000001” />
add key=“NuGet.Activities.Path” value="~/NuGetPackages/Activities" />
add key=“NuGet.Activities.ApiKey” value=“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABBBBBBBBBBBBB000001” />
add key=“NuGet.EnableFileSystemMonitoring” value=“true” />

However, in Orchestrator, the following message keeps appearing when hitting the “Packages” tab:
“Cannot connect to Packages feed, the URL may be invalid”

Is there a special setting or setup we need to do to make this work?


I’ve changed the DeploymentURL and messed around with the settings a bit now. Nothing is working.

Has anyone effectively setup an outside Nuget feed or Artifactory Repo? Would love to get this working.