Orchestrator Configuration Error


After upgrading Orchestrator to the 2018 version, all appears normal except when trying to deal with package deployment. I am consistently getting the following error: “Cannot connect to packages feed, the URL may be invalid”.

This error message makes no sense as the url is correctly identified and verified to be in the correct place. From the “web.config” file:

<!--Change the path to the packages folder. Default is ~/NuGetPackages.This can be a virtual or physical path.-->
<add key="NuGet.Packages.Path" value="~/NuGetPackages" />

I have attempted the virtual and a physical path to resolve this to no avail, so I suspect that the URL might not be what’s wrong (The error message did say MAY so I assume I could be chasing a red herring here). Any ideas what else might be wrong? Everything but this appears to function normally.


Hello @MaxPeck,

We had similar issue when we upgraded. I am not sure about the exact root cause; we think it was about some corrupted packages in the packages folder. How we resolved is,

  1. Created a new shared path for packages folder and updated the web.config accordingly
  2. Moved packages (only the latest required ones) to the shared folder in small batches and test the orchestrator on each batch until you find the issue with some specific package.
    For us though, when we copied only the latest versions of the package, it did work. So the issue would have been with a package of old version

Shiju Mathew



Thanks, I will definitely give that a try.

  • Max



Your solution did not work here but it gave me a few ideas on what the problem might be. I tried renaming the directory, creating an empty directory with no packages, etc. and kept getting the same “invalid URL” message. It finally occurred to me that we might be dealing with some kind of permissions issue so, just for grins I copied the NuGetPackages directory to a location OUTSIDE where the Orchestrator is being implemented. The NuGetPackages directory was now living, simply, on C:. I changed the reference in web.config to match and this corrected the problem.




Hello Max,

Glad that your issue is resolved.

Shiju Mathew