How to Plug Artifactory repository to Orchestrator



Is it possible to switch nuget package orchestrator repository to an artifactory repository ?




Hi Jérôme,

Did you tried to change the Deployment URL in Orchestrator - Settings page - Deployment? There you should put the url for your Artifactory Nuget feed and the API key.


Thx i will try that


Hey Jérôme,

is the Artifactory repository working with your orchestrator?

I’m trying the same and it’s not working 100%. I could push packages via JFROG CLI, Nuget CLI and upload the packages with my UIPath Studio and the Orchestrator. This is working like a charm.

I see those uploaded packages with the JFROG CLI list, but not with the Nuget CLI and not in the Orchestrator Packages site (i configured the Nuget Feed, I think is right, because I could upload packages with the Orchestrator as well).

Is there some special Artifactory setup neccessary to see the packages with Nuget?