Connecting a robot to Orchestrator

Hi, I’m on the basic learning topic of “Orchestrator for Developers” and I’m requested to connect robots to Orchestrator. However, i’m stuck at the very first step when I go to ( I don’t see the “services” button from menu and thus do not know how to proceed. I’ve tried to click into the “Create New” button under Orchestrator Services but do not know if this is correct also. Does any know what’s the issue? Thanks in advance!

Hi @xiangzhenhui

You can check this post might helps you,

How to create a cloud account (a new tenant) in new uipath cloud orchestrator - #4 by Moorthi


hi @Latika10011740, thanks, I’ve checked the link but seems doesn’t work for me. :sweat_smile:


Create New will enable if the tenant is disable or not found

Click on Manage next to Orchestrator Services, as below

If you find any disabled, as below then you can enable or else go back and click on create new

Hope this helps you

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