Couldnt Add new service in Orchestrator. Add Tenant disabled

Clicked on Create New

Navigates to Tenant but Add Tenant is disabled

Hi @anon24920977,
In community edition, UiPath allows you to have only 1 tenant. If yours is a community edition , it must allow you to create at least 1 tenant.

Do you have a valid organization created for your orchestrator? Are the users and groups properly defined?

If the answer to above questions is yes, then it could be a possible bug. Please raise it with @uipath.

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@shetanshudhar Thank you for the response. Yeah I do have the Org created but it doesnt let me add a tenant. Will check with uipath then. Thanks again.

@uipath Could you assist with the issue here please. I could not add a tenant.

Hi @anon24920977

As mentioned by @shetanshudhar, the button is disabled for Community Edition.

You can create more than 1 tenant if:

  • you start an Cloud Enterprise Trial (see Licenses tab)
  • you buy the Cloud Enterprise subscription